Medianizer has a long history. Development of the first organizer started in 2005, the program was released to public in 2007. It quickly became popular and got many new features, as requested by active users.

The first organizer managed movies and TV series only. Organizers for music and books quickly followed.

In 2016, the features of the 3 organizers were combined into one program, Medianizer. The internal engine was revised and re-written to make this possible and to optimize performance, taking into account all previously accumulated features. Medianizer includes everything previous organizers have, and more! It also works much faster.


Thanks for a fantastic product. I was really dubious about paying good money for this software as having tested about 6 other offerings from your competitors, I was fast coming to the conclusion that there just wasn't anything out there that was stable, looked good, and was easy to add a large collection of movies and tv series without too much manual intervention. I'm happy to say that I feel my money has been well spent and your product definitely does all these things and more.

qbitz1 (Forum)

The more I use it the more i like it.

hilfer (Forum)

This is THE BEST movie organizer i have ever found and used, especially for the price. New versions are frequent and any bugs are usually fixed. Of course, in fixing some bugs, some are created but that's fine because the next version usually takes care of that. Anyway, thanks for all the hard work and keep it up! I recommend this program to everyone i know.

noxiousfix (Forum)

Just want everyone to know i think this program is the best. everyone that has worked on making it get an A+ from me.

Thank you for your time.

donmad (Forum)

In case you have more then 100 videos in your collection, you MUST use this tool. Fast, easy to understand, intuitive and with VERY good usability. This is a real time saver!

Sergey Velichko

Hi, congratulations for your wonderfull program, I've bought it just yesterday and it is what I was looking for.

Jean Paul Garcia

This is by far one of the better movie/video organizers I've ever used and the quick response to help me out is a definite plus. Thank you for you time and help.

Andrew Cawein

Thank you!! You really rock! Everything works and having gotten to play with the new version may I just say WOW!. You have gone well beyond what I could have ever expected both in the new version and with your customer service.

J. Mahoney