After you add your movies, music and books into Medianizer, the program creates a list of all items, shown on the left:

Movie list

To switch between different item types (movies, music, books), use the corresponding buttons on the toolbar.

You can click any entry to view the detailed information on the right. As usual, the details can be edited or updated by redownloading information from the internet.

Medianizer is also capable of working with multiple selected items. To select an item, put the mouse cursor over it. A check box will appear in the left upper corner:

Selected movie

Once you have selected at least one item, Medianizer starts to work in the group operations mode. It shows boxes on every item, and you can easily select or unselect individual items.

To select all items in one click, use the "Select all" button at the bottom of the list:

Select all movies

Here, you can also remove selection by clicking the empty box. This box is displayed only if at least one item is selected.

With several items selected, right-click the list to access the context-menu:

Right-click menu

Here, you can set or clear various properties, update information about the items by redownloading the details from the internet, find covers, shots and photos, etc.

Before selecting any items in Group Operations, you can apply a letter filter, a quick filter or an extended filter. This will allow to narrow down the results. For example, to select all unseen movies, click "Quick filter" - "Show unseen", and then click the "Select all" button at the bottom of the list.

Selection in Group Operations also affects exports (reports, export for media players, plugins, etc.).