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Medianizer is the newest and fastest way to organize video files, audio files, e-book files, Blu-rays, DVDs, Audio CDs, paper books, and other sorts of media.

Feature Medianizer Movienizer Musicnizer Booknizer
Organize movies
Organize music
Organize books
Organize games
Download additional pictures from Google
Completely revised engine, optimized speed
New one-click group operations
Update paths to files without re-downloading information
Patterns for Dune HD catalogs are downloaded dynamically
Revised plugins, improved usability
A new plugin to manage pictures
A new plugin to check whether movies are linked to wrong files
Revised interface, improved usability
Revised settings window
The new "Add media" mode to add movies, music and books from files
Create movie / music catalogs for Dune HD faster using Express Mode
Extended filters may apply their own sorting
Search for selected phrases in Google
Extended right-click menu functionality
Improved information download capabilities
Updated plugins to import information from third-party organizers
New site logos
Select printer when printing from the statistics window
Verification of downloaded pictures
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